Cable Tie Tensioner - LYCT02

The Cable Tie Tensioner - LYCT02 is designed to install Ball-lock and Multi-lock stainless steel cable ties with width from 4.6~12.0 mm, thickness up to 0.35 mm. It's used to tighten and cut off the steel cable ties without sharp ends. Compared to the Cable Tie Tool - LYCT01, it's more portable and economic in price. It's the first choice for small project.
Product Details
The Features of Cable Tie Tensioner - LYCT02: 
1. It's durable, made of high quality material and easy to operate; 
2. Light weight, compact design, easy to carry; 
3. Suitable for Ball-lock and Multi-lock stainless steel ties which width up to 12.0 mm and thickness up to 0.3 mm; 
4. Used for tension and cut off the stainless steel ties without sharp edges; 
5. Excellent for use in Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial, Oil/Gas, Marine and Automotive applications.

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