Heavy Duty Banding Tool - LYBT003

Heavy Duty Banding Tool - LYBT003 is a manual steel banding tool designed specifically for applications that require higher torque. Ideal for use with municipal applications and large diameter hose clamping. This banding tool works well with 304 and 201 stainless steel banding from 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide, thickness up to 1.0 mm. It is suitable to tight the strap around any pipe or profile, for attaching signs, cables, hoses or traffic signals, for construction and building sites.
Product Details
The Features of Heavy Duty Banding Tool - LYBT003:
1.For applications requiring extra strength. Tensions over 3,300 pounds of force;
2.Used to apply all sizes of Stainless Steel Banding, Preformed Stainless Steel Ties and miscellaneous strapping;
3.Tensions and cuts off the tail of the clamp being formed;
4.Drop forged tool with built in cutter;
5.Spring loaded gripper lever improves ease of use, and improves band tension.

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