PVC Coated Ball-lock Cable Ties

PVC Coated Ball-lock Cable Ties are coated with PVC on strap surface, offering better corrosion resistance and insulation performance to extreme environment like marine projects. With 4.6~16.0 mm wide steel cable ties available for choice, suitable for different strength requirements. Installed with Cable Tie Tool - LYCT01 & LYCT02, allowing your job to be done efficiently.
Product Details


1. Strong self-locking mechanism (stainless steel ball), with low insertion force;
2. Fast, easy and reliable installation;
3. Six widths (4.6 ~ 16.0 mm), suitable for most applications, indoor and outdoor;
4. Corrosion resistant 300 grade stainless steel (marine grade) for high mechanical and chemical durability;
5. With non-toxic, halogen free Polyester coating, for a superior protection of cables and installer's hands and for an improved insulation between dissimilar materials;
6. Applications: installation of cables and pipes in extreme conditions and hazardous areas, such as: petrochemical and food processing industries, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore and other aggressive environments.

Technical Information

Material: 304/316 grade non-magnetic stainless steel;
Coating: Polyester;
Temperature range:-80°C to +150°C;
Color: Black and any other colors available;
Flammability rating: Absolutely fireproof;
Other properties: UV-resistant, Halogen free, non toxic.


Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
4.6 0.40
0.40 200~1000
0.46 200~1000
1.00 150~1000
1.00 150~1000
1.00 300~1000

To customize any other sizes,please contact sales for further information.

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