Quick Lock Hose Clamps

Quick Lock Hose Clamp is designed for quick-lock tightening and releasing of large diameter hoses and supplied in a perforated band, to provide an ideal contact surface for the hose. This clamp is the ideal solution for larger hose diameters over 100 mm. Band thickness 0.6 mm for band width 9 and 12 mm assures a very flexible clamp.
Product Details

Quick Lock Hose Clamp is manufactured from a continuously threaded band with smooth edges to prevent damage to the pipe. The Quick Lock housing allows easy and quick application, as the band can e adjusted to the right diameter of the pipe, before securing the lock with the screw. Band thickness 0.6 mm for band width 9 and 12 mm.


1. The quick lock housing eases the assembly of the clamp;
2. Safe joint with the hose;
3. Flexibility;
3. Wide clamping range


Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Clamping Range(mm)
9.0 0.6 40~1000
12.0 0.6

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