Ratchet Banding Tool - LYBT002

Ratchet Banding Tool - LYBT002 is a manual tool used for 3/8~3/4 inches wide, 0.4~0.7 mm thick stainless steel banding and 16.0~19.0 mm wide stainless steel ties. Suitable to tight the strap around any pipe or profile, for attaching signs or traffic signals, for construction and building sites. 
Product Details
The Features of Ratchet Banding Tool - LYBT002:
1. Suitable for 9.5~20.0 mm wide,0.4~0.7 mm thick stainless steel banding and cable ties;
2. With mechanism of ratchet driving, tightening the steel strap efficiently;
3. Cut off the strap tail after the clamp being formed with a built-in-cutter;
4. With blue epoxy painted on body and a rubber handle for comfortable holding;
5. Durable and compact design for carry.

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