Scru-lokt Banding Buckles

Scru-lokt Stainless Steel Banding Buckles can be used with all types of stainless steel banding providing superior fastening strength and adjustability. It can be locked by a screw quickly,and also users can release the screw for re-using, which offers maximum flexibility, saving project costs. Use with 0.4~0.5 mm thick stainless steel banding.
Product Details


1. 300 series of stainless steel offers great resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents;
2. Use whenever an adjustable, or temporary clamp is required. Can be re-used at any time;
3. Utilized in general use banding applications, such as cables, hoses and signs bundling;
4. Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration;
5. Tension band and buckle with various of banding tools;
6. Buckle is locked by tightening set screw with hex key provided in package.


Thickness Quantity
inch mm mm PCS
1/4 6.4 1.5 100
3/8 9.5 1.8 100
1/2 12.7 1.8 100
5/8 16.0 2.3 50
3/4 19.0 2.3 50

To customize any other sizes,please contact sales for further information.

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