Self-locking Cable Ties

Standard cable ties are commonly fabricated from nylon grade 6.6 and are used to harness and bundle items, usually wires. Functioning like straps, cable ties are available in miniature sizes for holding small loads, and are also fabricated in long lengths and strong tensile strengths for large items or bundles. Each tie features serrated “teeth” on one end, which function by locking inside the head, or pawl, located on the other side of the strap. Various manufacturers custom design cable ties in numerous colors or dimensions, according to application requirements. Additionally, cable ties may be fabricated in UV-protected variations.
Product Details


1. Self-locking Fastener Design, Strong durable powerful lock, easy handling and prevent snagging in tight.
2. Made of industrial strength nylon 6/6 fire resistant material, and can be used in temperatures ranges from -40℃ to 85℃, weather resistant and outdoor in direct sunlight application is not an issue.
3. Color: Natural,Black,UV black and other colors are available as requested.


Width(mm) Length(mm) Tensile Strength(kg)
2.5 60 ~ 250
100 ~ 370
120 ~ 500
370 ~ 750
200 ~ 1550 80
300 ~ 1000 114

To customize any other sizes,please contact sales for further information.

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