Stainless Steel Band Clamps

The Stainless Steel Band Clamp is a DIY type hose clamp, you can cut off the hose clamp strap in any length you want easily, then insert the fastener to make a suitable size you want, no more waste any materials.
Product Details

Stainless Steel Band Clamps allow users make a hose clamp of the size they want, and also it requires no professional tool for installation, making your job to be done with high efficiency.


Code Description Material Quantity
AK08B Band, 8.0 X 0.6 mm  304SS 30 M/Box
AK12B Band, 12.7 X 0.6 mm
30 M/Box
AK14B Band, 14.2 X 0.6 mm
30 M/Box
AK08H Clamp - 8.0 mm 304SS
50 PCS/Box
AK12H Clamp - 12.7 mm
50 PCS/Box
AK14H Clamp - 14.2 mm
50 PCS/Box

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