Stainless Steel Strapping Seal

Stainless Steel Strapping Seal, sometimes called snap-on or open flange seals, secure steel strapping around flat surfaces, such as boxes and pallets. They have an open face that is placed around the strapping during or after tension. Comparing with other stainless steel buckles, the strapping seals are usually for temporary usage.
Product Details

Seals for steel strapping are pinched tight around strapping ends to secure them in place. These high-grade galvanized steel seals form a permanent connection to secure heavy loads such as brick, cement blocks, lumber, and rail shipments. A tensioning tool is used to pull the strapping tight and a sealer tool compresses a seal to hold the strapping in place. Pusher seals secure steel strapping around round surfaces such as pipe, rebar, and other irregular bundles. Sometimes called push seals or push-type seals, they are installed by threading the strapping through the seal, then a tensioning and sealing tool is used to apply tension and secure the seal to the strapping.


Width Thickness
inch mm inch mm
5/8 16.0 0.02~0.04
3/4 19.0 0.02~0.04
1 25.0 0.02~0.04
1-1/4 32.0 0.02~0.04

For customizing any other special sizes, please contact our salesman for more information.

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