Stainless Steel Wing Seals

Stainless Steel Wing Seals are mostly used for light duty applications, for saving project cost with lower prices. Especially, it's used to bundling objects of which the surface is flat, such as pallets. Usually Wing Seals are used with 0.38 & 0.50 mm thick stainless steel straps. For application of thicker stainless steel banding, Ear-lokt banding buckles are better in strength.
Product Details


1. 300 series of stainless steel offers great resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents;
2. Utilized in light duty and general use banding applications;
3. Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration;
4. Band clamps can formed over any contour or shape;
5. Used frequently for cable bundling, insulation and hose bundling applications.


Product Code
SS201 SS304 SS316 inch mm mm
KAX3807 KBX3807
3/8 9.5 0.7
KAX1208 KBX1208
1/2 12.7 0.8
KAX5808 KBX5808
5/8 16.0 0.8
KAX3410 KBX3410
3/4 19.0 1.0

Quantity: 100 PCS/Box; To customize any other sizes,please contact sales for further information.

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